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Rush Train at Home: Improve your SKILLS!

This program is divided into four tracks and gives players the opportunity to improve their ability away from the practice field. SELF-REGULATED LEARNING allows players to be Empowered to take ownership in personal development and become self-accountable.

Skill Development

Improve ball mastery and control.


Physical Development Improve quickness, change of direction, and acceleration.


Mental Development

Learn skills and strategies to cope with challenges and confidence


GK Training

Work to improve catching, reaction speed, and physical condition specific to GKs.




LEVEL 1 20 minutes 

LEVEL 2 20 minutes 

LEVEL 3 20 minutes 

LEVEL 4 20 minutes 

LEVEL 5 35 minutes 

LEVEL 6 35 minutes 



30 minute SAQ conditioning session

Flip A Coin - Soccer Skills, Training & Conditioning

Become a faster player on the field by following this plyometric workout to improve on our strength endurance.

Enjoy this workout where we will challenge your strength endurance by doing all the repetitions of all the exercises as fast as you can. 

Let the coin decide your workout. You can do this work out as many times as you want as it will be always different! 

Soccer AMRAP at home soccer conditioning session



#1: Your journey to become a high performance athlete starts here! It takes more than just athletic ability to be a high performance athlete.

#1.1: So you’ve set some goals… Now what? Anyone can set a goal but those who actually achieve their goals must be SMART and strategic about their plan to achieve them.

#2: In this training, we’ll talk about awareness, attention and intention because what you focus on and practice is what you become! 

#3: Did you know there’s more than one type of energy? Find out how mental, physical and emotional energy work together to affect your performance. 

#4: High performers don’t have an absence of fear; they just know how to manage their fear and act courageously to face challenges and chase their dreams. 

#5: The energy you generate through your physical presence and body language can profoundly influence how you feel and how others perceive you. 



#1: Fast feet = more saves!

#2: Improve your hands and get more explosive!

#3: Improve your core and your diving will too!

#4: How far can you fly through the air?

#5: Catch everything!

#6: Focus is shot stopping and live action!

“Where the trails of passion and purpose meet, begins the path to victory. ”

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