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Kicking off 2023, the Washington Rush Summer Games is a new exciting event to our club calendar. By playing friendly games it allows the coaches to try different things to start the year and learn more about the team. Plus it should be a fun day to hang out and bond as a team. 


  • All games are 50 minutes long and start on the hour. 

  • Teams are expected to start on time and clear the field on time to allow the next game to start.

  • There will be no referees. Coaches will manage the games themselves. 

  • Coaches will inform players of what to wear, most likely training kit, and will solve conflicts with training pinnies.

  • Keep Kasch Park clean and take care of all garbage. 

  • PARKING will be extremely tight. Do not park illegally as tickets will be given. CARPOOL with teammates!

Rush Summer Games Map 2023.png


  • Park at your own risk. Break ins do occur especially at large events.  Leave no valuables in your car. 

  • Follow all parking signs. It is very important that Fire Lanes are left clear as blockages can result in the event being shut down, or worse not allow emergency vehicles to reach a person/player in need at the complex.

  • Tickets and car towing will be enforced.

  • PARKING will be extremely tight. CARPOOL with teammates!


Aerospace Machinists Union Building

8729 Airport Rd, Everett, WA 98204

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  • ICE CREAM TRUCK: Managers, stop by the Rush Office (next to Field #1) and pick up FREE Ice Cream tickets for your team. Just look for the Kool Kidz truck from 11-2pm near the playground. (Free ice cream is only for the Rush players)

  • PHOTO BOOTH. Take your best pictures between games at the Artistry Images photo booth near the playground. Complete with custom Rush backgrounds. Tag us @washingtonrush

  • DUNK TANK. If the weather is right there is a chance you might be able to dunk your favorite coach. Check near the playground from 11-3pm

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“Where the trails of passion and purpose meet, begins the path to victory. ”

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