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The Rush Way to Play represents both Passion and Purpose!

The Rush Way to Play is based upon movement and activity by both player and ball.  Possession-oriented does not fully describe how we play; attack-oriented does.  

Whether in possession or in defense, we are attacking.

Rush Players play with freedom, yet understand the importance of responsibility and the balance between the two.  Rush teams are flexible and adapt to varying circumstances.  

  • Players are to be comfortable with a possession-based passing game, where the team will look to try and play out fro the back in a coordinated and controlled manner that is developed through the thirds in order to produce goal scoring opportunities. 

  • Players will look to recognize opportunities to play forward and execute counter-attacking opportunities where possible, but not at the expense of losing possession. 

  • Players will, upon losing possession, look to immediately regain possession by sending from the front as a preferred option, or to drop and establish a compact defensive shape when unable to do so. 

  • Above all, our teams are expected to display a competitive and winning mentality - winning games is of importance; however, this is not at the expense of the playing philosophy. 

Rush Player Roles 2017.001.jpeg



“Where the trails of passion and purpose meet, begins the path to victory. ”

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