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Last Line of Defense, First Line of Offense

The Washington Rush School of Excellence Training Program for Goalkeepers is in additional to the curriculum based on your age group.  While training to be an all around soccer player, the additional Goalkeeping training plans will be position specific with the focus to improve your play while defending the goal.

Focuses Include:  Hand Eye Coordination, Cognitive Training, Ball Handling, and Footwork 

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Rush Train at Home: Improve as a Goalkeeper

Fast feet = more saves! The focus this training is on improving speed! Moving as fast as possible in the goal will result in making more saves. The best goalkeepers work efficiently in the box and attack the ball! Put the work in and focus on doing everything at maximum speed.

Improve your hands and get more explosive! Bravery is an essential part of being a goalkeeper. So are your hands and explosive movements. How fast can you get up after making a save? Can you stop the rebound attempt. Knock out this training and your handling and power will take your game to the next level.

Improve your core and your diving will too! When you dive to save the ball you are engaging your entire body. Your core muscles are essential in this process. They keep you balanced and stable as you push off the ground and fly through the air. Push yourself during the core moves to get in as many reps as possible before the time runs out! The best players push themselves at every opportunity!

How far can you fly through the air? Want to stop a ball headed toward the upper 90? Want to pick a ball out of the corner? Want to make the save that will put you on the Top 10 List on Sportscenter? Better get to work on your diving. Be ready to spend the session getting up and getting down!

Catch everything! Find a friend and work on your catching. The best Goalkeepers don't just save the ball, but they catch it and don't allow rebounds. Train catching all types of balls from high to low and everything in between. If you don't have someone to help you use a wall or a rebounder. Forced to train in your house? Use a tennis ball and throw it off the wall. Get as creative!

Shot stopping and live action! This session is about putting everything together and stopping live shots in a controlled area. Using a four yard goal (half of a full sized goal), challenge yourself to save 100% of the shots. If you can save balls in this area you will be a solid GK. Add saving balls in the remaining four yards and you will be fantastic!

Supplemental Training Sessions

Find some space, a ball, and work hard!  The more you put into each training the more you will get out of it.  
~ "The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching." ~


GK Specific Testing



Daily Dozen



Strength & Agility



Handling & Cognitive Training



Hand Eye Coordination 





Washington Rush Alumni: Goalkeepers

  • 2023 Rainy Sims: The King's College, New York City, New York (Rush G05)

  • 2022 Tayla Peterson: Seattle University, Seattle, Washington (Rush G04)

  • 2021 Alex Lundin: DePauw University, Indiana (Rush B02)

  • 2021 Lucas Haigh: Whitman University, Walla Walla, Washington (Rush B03)

  • 2021 Delaine Polly: Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington (Rush G03)

  • 2021 Kaitlyn Bundy: Edmonds Community College, Edmonds, Washington (Rush G02)

  • 2020 Cheyenne Crane: Everett Community College, Everett Washington (Rush G02)

  • 2020 Kylie Foutch: Santa Clara University, Santa Clara California (Rush G01)

  • 2019 Hannah Koehn: Central Christian College Kansas (Rush G00 Nero)

  • 2019 Kaitlynn Knocke: Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington (Rush G00)

  • 2019 Gunnar Morehead: Saint Martin's University, Olympia, Washington (Rush B00)

  • 2019 Kate Millett: Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington (Rush G01)

  • 2019 Julian Inches, Linfield College, Linfield, Oregon, (Rush B00)

  • 2018 Hannah Hicks: Montana State University (Track & Field), Bozeman, Montana (Rush G99) 

  • 2017 Lars Helleren: Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington (Rush B98)

  • 2017 Maddie Neilson: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Rush G98)

  • 2016 Kelsey Bechtholdt: Central Washington University: Ellensburg, Washington (Rush G97)

  • 2016 Kat Sanchez: Northwest College, Kirkland, Washington (Rush G97)


“Where the trails of passion and purpose meet, begins the path to victory. ”

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